Terms & Conditions: Paradigm4 P/L – Bloom Media

Please note: Bloom Media is the media arm trading name of Paradigm4. All terms and conditions below related to work by either Bloom Media or Paradigm4.

Following are our general terms and conditions – Paradigm4 can also arrange service contracts with clients as required – please email us here for details…

Bloom Media / Paradigm4 offer advice in goodwill and provided to the best of our knowledge and cannot be liable for anything we are unaware of.

  • Paradigm4’s general terms for development services are 50% deposit payment with puchase order and 50% on completion of project.
  • Please note: final bill will be issued upon completion of Paradigm4’s work and prior to live site release – OR – if we have completed our development and are awaiting final changes from the client for more than 14 days, the final payment will be due and issued. The final changes the client requires will still be included in the final invoice/bill amount, but can be completed at the clients leisure (up to 30 days).
  • Larger projects will be divided into an initial payment, progress payments and final payment.
  • Paradigm4/Bloom Media retains the right of who to choose to work with. We are not obliged to work with or for anyone. If we do not feel comfortable working with a client we retain the right to discontinue once work paid for has been delivered. 
  • WordPress sites and application development is guaranteed for up-time upon release of your site. If we are managing WordPress for you all updates will be attended to. If we are not managing the site we will ensure all updates are in place upon site release. This support is offered in goodwill and provided to the best of our knowledge and must be regarded as temporal in relation to the constantly changing nature of the Internet. We cannot be responsible for your site once it is released on the Internet. You will need to ensure WordPress and the applications are managed appropriately from there.
  • Ongoing Management for WordPress by Paradigm4 covers all the updates and backups required for your site. This is designed to minimise any issues which may occur at your hosting server or with your site and includes remote backups. We cannot guarantee your site or your hosting environment does not get hacked or the site broken – no one can guarantee you this – but we can manage your site and oversee it professionally in order to minimise the likelihood any of these events.
  • The copyright of the design of your site that Paradigm4 creates remains our design copyright. You can use this site for the business or purpose we create it for and move it to any other server and modify the code in any way you like. You cannot, however, use our design for other sites by either on-selling the design or copying our code for another site external to the purpose we created the site for (copying the website for another business you own for example) – unless this is previously agreed in writing. Our design notice must appear on the home page of your site. You can choose the position and font colour (so long as it is legible). If you wish to purchase full design copyright of the site, you can, but this is not included in our regular site development fees.
  • Ordering work with Paradigm4 covers only what is outlined in the quotation or SRS. Any additional requirements must be additionally quoted for.
  • Work produced by Paradigm4 will be compliant with the latest and most popular browsers. This will cover nearly all the current global market. Older browsers will not necessarily be compliant with modern coding and if there are issues with older browsers it is the client’s reposonsibility to recommend their clients upgrade their browsers.
  • Paradigm4 is not responsible for the content or data of clients’ sites – and reserves the right to remove any content or data as a result of a court order or other legal action that may directly be requested to Paradigm4.
  • Paradigm4 does not own the text content of client sites, or necessarily agree with the information presented.
  • Paradigm4 retains the right to remove any site or service from live delivery if the client fails to make payments as required.
  • Paradigm4 reserves all copyright of all web design elements and software created unless deemed as such between Paradigm4 and the client within written and signed agreements.
  • Paradigm4 is not liable for any other costs, claims or damages in excess of web site design and development charges made by the client for any failure to perform services requested unless otherwise agreed and signed in written documentation.
  • If any outside party disrupts client services – Paradigm4 is not liable or responsible in any way.
  • The client is responsible for any insurance required of any content or data residing on the clients’ own site – or in connection with any service provided.
  • Paradigm4 is experienced and effective when we advertise sites to the search engines but we cannot ever guarantee a specific position on a search engine that is owned by third parties. We advertise all our paying customers via the same method but are not liable for the outcome as this ultimately rests at the search engines owner’s own discretion. Because no search engine offers definitive information about how they index sites on their search engines there is a lot of variation among web development companies regarding what is assumed necessary for good rankings. Paradigm4 provides the service that to our best knowledge and capabilities is effective but we do not and cannot provide search engine ranking guarantees.

Additional Notes for Management Packages:

  • Packages cover the maintenance outlined only. Additional work outside regular maintenance will be quoted for up front.
  • Paradigm4 is not responsible for application conflicts with server upgrades or server platform alterations – and/or software changes (such as browsers). As we do not host sites directly or create 3rd party software these conflicts are outside of our control. When we deliver applications live they are fully functional. If your hosting company performs an upgrade to their server or related operating software or platform, and this causes a conflict with your application, Paradigm4 is not liable – likewise with browser updates, plugin or application updates to WordPress, or other software programs. To rectify these issues your hosting company may be required to fix the issue and they may charge for this. If Paradigm4 are required to modify application code to comply with the hosting company’s platform adjustments – or software conflict adjustments – our time will be charged for at our standard programming rates.
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